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service at its peak!

Fuel Oil & Propane
Comfort is about more than staying warm.

When the mercury drops, staying warm and cozy is just part of what it means to be comfortable. Adirondack Energy knows that there are many aspects--financial comfort, comfort in dependability, and comfort in knowing that the company you are working with cares.

​At Adirondack Energy, we offer the best in comfort:

  • Automatic Delivery: rest easy knowing that you'll never run out of fuel.

  • Payment Plans: we help you spread out the costs of staying warm.

  • Locally Owned: we live, work, and play in the areas we service.

  • Service at its Peak: we strive to put our customers first.

Mountain Mart Convenience Stores
Our family-owned and operated convenience stores offer the community a perfect place to fuel up--both with Mobil branded gasoline as well as many options for a quick bite to eat and drink!


Adirondack Storage Kontainers
Check out our sister company where we can rent you a 20' or 40' storage container for any of your storage needs!

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