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Pay My Bill

One-Time Payments
Log in to view your account status, fuel and service usage, and more while also paying your bill as needed using one of the links below.

Automatic ACH Payments
Take the worry out of whether your bill is paid on-time or not. You can have us automatically debit your bank account every month on a specified date for the remainder of your balance or any specific amount. Simply download the ACH form and mail it to us or drop it off at our office.

One-Click Payments
We are now registered vendors for most financial institutions. Ask your bank how to pay directly from your account whenever you want with just one click! If your bank or credit union doesn't recognize us, please let us know and we will work with them to offer the service.

*The "D & S" charge on your invoice stands for Delivery and Safety/Service. This charge was implemented by Adirondack Energy to help offset a portion of the expenses incurred while delivering propane products.


Delivering energy products falls under Hazardous materials, which is regulated by the federal government and requires us to administer many training programs, along with current and new safety protocols.


Given the increase of the amount and expense of being compliant we can no longer absorb these expenses in the cost of propane, so you will see this charge only when you receive a delivery of propane.

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